Destination Disease begins when YOU Arrive

Destinations can be enticing

Enjoy Getting to Your Destination, but you can’t stay there….you have to move on

In October of 2015, I decided that while my business was good, it wasn’t as nearly as good or as fulfilling as I had imagined.  Change was necessary.  I am the type of guy who hates being stagnant.  For me, if I’m not growing, I’m dying.  Should I were to win the lottery, I wouldn’t just vanish and enjoy the windfall.  Truthfully, I need something in life to work towards and to be passionate about.  Don’t get me wrong….I’d travel to new destinations and spend a week or two hiking the Rockies and fishing in the ocean and exploring in Antarctica, but ultimately, it’d leave me empty…waiting to be fulfilled.

So today, I printed off my Life Plan and looked at it again.  What once inspired and motivated me, just wasn’t all that compelling anymore.  There were a number of reasons for it.  I had accomplished some of those goals.  Some of the goals felt unattainable.   Fortunately, I have a coach who forces me to keep looking down the road.  Keep the prize front and center.

It’s important to have anchor goals.  Those are the heartfelt goals built around your dreams, your passionsa and most importantly….YOUR DNA.


I think the danger of what I see with a lot of folks is that they “ARRIVE” at their destination.   Destination Disease.   Destination Disease is when you’ve accomplished something and whether you’re aware of it or not, you are at the “now what?” stage.  There are a million responses that you can have upon arriving at your destination….but really there are only two real routes to travel.

The first choice is a mixed bag.  When accomplishing a goal, that goal needs to be celebrated.  It needs to be enjoyed and savored.  There has to be a moment to relish the results of the efforts that were spent.  Many never celebrate their successes, but many live in that moment…and refuse to move forward.

The second choice is to use this as a stepping stone to something bigger.  The BHAG  (Big Hairy Audacious Goal).  What is your BHAG?

Just this past week, I’ve agreed to coach someone who just won her two year battle with cancer.  Her issue is pretty simple.  She beat cancer….now what?   Think about it.  Although she didn’t place an order, it came unannounced and decided to assault her.  She was forced into a battle for the better part of two years.  A life and death matter.  But she won.  If you think about the magnitude of the battle that she faced, for her, those two years were an all consuming battle.  Again….she got the victory.

But now what?  Nothing that she’s faced before in her life compares with her own fight for her own life, but she won.  She’s celebrated her victory, but she can’t spend the next 50 years of her life just celebrating this one victory.  With many, Destination Disease is the end.  They won….

This client is smart enough to know that the victory against cancer isn’t her end all game.  She still needs to grow.  She needs fulfillment and a plan.  The cancer battle becomes a part of her story.  It’s not her story.  It’s just the beginning of what’s next in her life.  The big challenge for her is finding out what’s next?  I’m thrilled to be a part of her journey….

But back to me….back to you.

I sit here revising my Life Plan, I need to make sure that it’s relevant and enticing.   I’m older, wiser and am tired of playing games with myself.  Momentary pleasures to escape the calling now bore me.  I’m best with that goal in front of me.  The passion, vision and direction need to be relevant.

I can tell you that I feel really good about where I’m headed.  But I will tell you that there were months, literally months, where I had no clue what I was doing.  I was going through the motions of life.  I was successful, but not happy.  I understand where the kids of the rich get into drugs and crime and even suicide.  Proverbs 29:19 says where there is no vision people perish.  I doesn’t matter how successful you are, without that vision the danger lurks.

I have rediscovered my passion.  I have that vision.  And….I get to help someone else find theirs.  In the next few blogs we’ll be discussing creating your own Life Plan and making it relevant, meaningful, and most importantly, fulfilling, real and exciting….

Think about where you are in life this very moment.  Have you arrived?  Have you just had your wheels jump the tracks?  Do you want back in?  Remember the excitement of your youth….it’s time to rediscover YOUR FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH.




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