Your Joy is Contingent on Providing the World One Thing…..

And you won't be happy until you do

The joy you want comes from getting your DNA out there on the market.

The joy you want comes from getting your DNA out there on the market.

It’s not often I can really hear the voice of God.  When I seek answers, I want them immediately.  What I’d pay for a 10 minute phone call from God just so that I could ask him a few burning questions to get a direct, no nonsense answer.  Wouldn’t we all want that hotline.  But…God doesn’t work according to my schedule and my whims…and….sometimes that pisses me off.


However, in my own time this past month there was a silent whisper that I knew was the voice of God.  The voice said to me…

“you’re happiest when your engaged with others.  When you’re engaged with the world.  The devil’s biggest trick is to depress you or have you so overwhelmed that you’re not engaged with others.  You’re off the market.  You’re not impacting others and you’re looking only at you.”

Boom…..not sure when I asked this question to God, but he was providing me with an answer to a question that I had yet to ask Him.

For me….I’ll say this.  I truly am happiest when I’m using my DNA to positively impact the lives of others and to raise others up.  And, most importantly, when I let my full personality out to be seen by those who need to see it.  You see, I can’t even positively impact the lives of others if I’m not truly letting my full personality out (sorry to all those people I steamroll over).

For you….what makes you happiest?  No…let me rephrase that.  What makes your HEART the happiest?  What makes your HEART the most full?  I guarantee you that it’s when you’re using the DNA God gave you to impact the lives of the people he places in front of you.

To get to that “happy place,” you need to know what your talents are.  What are the things that you do…that are in your heart….that raise others up?  If you know that, then it’s a matter of putting it to work.

Know that the devil’s biggest tool isn’t scary monsters, Freddie Kruger or clowns, it’s just derailing people from the destiny that they’ve been called to do.

When you are depressed, withdrawn and anxious, you either focus inward….or you’re so self-consumed, that you’re off the market.  Again….the strategy is to be the fullness of you always.  When you’re off the market, you lose.

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